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We match the energy and effort of your craft to our intentional kick-ass design to deliver an experience that leaves you captivated.

The Norlo Team

Norlo Design Anna Long

Anna Long

CEO/ Owner/ Art Director

Always having a passion for fine arts and an intuition for valuable design, I wanted to create Norlo Design as a way to express my passion for art and of course, the ideas of others. I earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Iowa with the desire to one day create my own agency. After working as a graphic designer for Big Grove Brewery I quickly realized my passion for design in the craft beverage industry.

Fun Fact: I was once pulled from the audience on stage to spontaneously act with the Blue Man Group in front of a huge theatre in Chicago (no, I had no idea in advance).

Tevon Berka Norlo Design

Tevon Berka

Co-founder/President/Director of Accounts

Influenced and interested by all walks of the creative world, I love assisting in the process of showcasing great design to the masses. Earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Management of the Arts from the University of Iowa further catalyzed this interest of mine. Here at Norlo Design we value your interest and craft, further enhancing the influence of creative work.


Fun Fact: At the peak of my “what am I actually doing right now” phase of life, I went sky-diving out of an airplane from 15,000ft in the air in Orlando, FL overlooking the Kennedy Space Center in the Atlantic Ocean. Crazy but amazing experience! 

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