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Colorado Pint Day 2023
Glass & Event Design

Colorado Pint Day is an annual event that has reached cult-level status with beer lovers flocking to local breweries to collect each year's limited edition pint glass. Organized by the Colorado Brewers Guild, $1 from each pint sold goes to the Guild, which in turn is their most important fundraiser event of the year.


The theme for 2023 was 'The Great Colorado Road Trip,' highlighting all the things to do and see across the glorious state of Colorado! Again this year the Colorado Brewers Guild decided to hold an artwork competition for the glass design. We are proud to say that our CEO, Anna, won for the second year in a row! Her design was featured on 29,000 glasses and sold in 220 local breweries across the entire state of Colorado. Her branding was featured on the pint glass, marketing posters, stickers, and social media graphics. 2023 was the largest Colorado Pint Day the Brewers Guild has ever seen in its history!

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Colorado Pint Day 2023 Glass Design
Colorado Pint Day 2023 Glass Design

"From the soaring peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the stunning depths of the Royal Gorge, Colorado is filled to the brim with natural wonders. Nestled between them, lively cities and charming small towns offer one-of-a-kind experiences and world-class hospitality to visitors and locals alike. What better way to get a taste of everything Colorado has to offer than hitting the road to see it all? The exploration of these wild, wonderful lands rightfully deserves the title: The Great Colorado Road Trip.

Whether a life-long Coloradan or a first-time visitor, the Great Colorado Road Trip provides an unforgettable adventure, with views so breathtaking that you can’t help but roll down your car window and soak them in with the fresh mountain air. It’s not hard to see why Colorado welcomed 84 million visitors last year, nearly 15% more than the past three years. Colorado is a place like nowhere else, where anyone can discover their passions.

In sunshine or snowfall, our beautiful four-season state offers something for everyone. Adventure-seekers are never far from a trail, slope, climb, or campground, and city-goers have endless cultural, culinary, and craft beverage destinations to explore. There are memories waiting to be made on your Great Colorado Road Trip. No matter what path your journey takes, let’s promise to commemorate it with a pint of beer and good company."

Colorado Pint Day 2023 Glass Design
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