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Label Design | Custom Illustration

Arnie Palmie Alert
Copper Kettle Brewing Co.

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Arnie Palmie Alert is a beer inspired by the classic Arnold Palmer beverage. Brewed with lemon peel and Darjeeling Black Tea, this label had to match just how unique this beer is. We decided to have a little nostalgic fun with this one and we're glad we did! 

Lemon and tea bags awkwardly slow dance in a gym while inviting you to recall some of your high school dance memories...good or bad. Every inch of this custom illustrated label has a playfulness to it and it paints the scene that brings to life the name, "Arnie Palmie Alert." 

This can label design is a Platinum Crushie Award Winner within the category of "Best Can Label 16-20 oz" for the 2023 Craft Beer Marketing Awards.​

Arnie Palmie Alert Label.png
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