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Coffee Bag Series Packaging
Cafe Cyclista

Cafe Cyclista came to us wanting to kickstart their brand and debut themselves in the coffee packaging world. In an over saturated market we had to figure out how to get Cafe Cyclista to stand out and their story happens to play a big part in their brand.

Three men with a passion for cycling decided to move forward with their dream and develop a coffee that would taste delicious and also serve the cycling community. The three of them took a trip to Colombia and met with a coffee expert that changed their world. They selected the perfect beans and roasts that Cafe Cyclista is now known for. They vowed to donated 10% of all proceeds to the cycling community with each coffee bag purchase.

With bright and bold colors, we decided to create something playful for this series while also marketing to the cycling community. The custom illustration on the front of the bag creates a fun and inviting scene that catches the eye, while the sides of the bag is where the colorful pattern really jumps out.


Each roast is named after a cycling race style and we really honed in on showing that through each illustration while creatively marketing to their core audience. 

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Cafe Cyclista


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Graphic Design +

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Café Cyclista
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