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Colorado Pint Day 2022
Glass & Event Design

Colorado Pint Day is an annual event that has reached cult-level status with beer lovers flocking to local breweries to collect each year's limited edition pint glass. Organized by the Colorado Brewers Guild, $1 from each pint sold goes to the Guild, which in turn is their most important fundraiser event of the year.


The theme for 2022 celebrates Colorado Parks & Wildlife and their 125th anniversary - and this time the Guild decided to do something unique. This year the Colorado Brewers Guild decided to hold an artwork competition for the glass design. We are proud to say that our CEO, Anna, won! Her design was featured on 25,000 glasses and sold in 180+ local breweries across the entire state of Colorado. Her branding was featured on the pint glass, marketing posters, stickers, and social media graphics.

Read the full press release here.

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Colorado Pint Day 2022

"125 years of Colorado Parks and Wildlife calls for a true celebration. From managing all of Colorado’s wildlife to overseeing over 40 state parks, Colorado Parks and Wildlife know their job is anything but simple. State park visitors alone have increased by 30% in the past two years showing us what Coloradans truly value.

Just like the craft beer industry, it takes people that are passionate about their craft to keep it all running. Passion always attracts passion and that will ring true whether you’re in the craft beer industry or nurturing Colorado’s vast land.

This belief was the inspiration behind this design. To celebrate all of Colorado’s natural beauty it has to offer while acknowledging those Park Rangers and staff members that are behind it all. A Great Horned Owl represents the parks as they are round in every state park within Colorado, while a Park Ranger stands tall overlooking the land they so dearly protect.


From walking the state parks to brewing the perfect pint, let us raise a glass in supporting those that keep Colorado wild."

This pint glass design is a Gold Crushie Award Winner within the category of "Best Brand Identity/Best All Around Marketing Story" for the 2023 Craft Beer Marketing Awards.​

Colorado Pint Day 2022 Design
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