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First Launch Double IPA

Big Grove Brewery

A double dry-hopped IPA that packs a punch. This can was Big Grove's first can ever on the market. A nod to space and to the journey BGB was about to embark on - distributing statewide. It was also a nod to the space scientist from Iowa, Dr. Van Allen. Darker tones with pops of bright yellow creates a sense of mystery and boldness. 12 oz label adapted for a 16 oz can.

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First Launch – the second beer in our exploratory series of double dry-hopped IPAs – is named in honor of Iowa Professor Dr. James Van Allen, who designed and launched the first American satellite—Explorer I—into orbit. In addition to naming him a Man of the Year, Time Magazine called Dr. Van Allen the man most responsible for giving the U.S. "a big lead in scientific achievement."


BGB’s First Launch has a light caramel body and galactic additions of Mosaic, Wakatu, and Caliente hops. It radiates flavors of berry, pine, fresh mint, and melon. As Dr. Van Allen said, continue exploring, and “lovely things turn up.”

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