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Half A Plan
Copper Kettle Brewing Co. & Bruz Beers

"Half A Plan" is a very hop forward Witbier brewed with ginger, orange, and coriander. Half A Plan was a collaboration beer brewed by Copper Kettle Brewing Co. and Bruz Beers Brewery for Copper Kettle's 10 year anniversary in 2021. 

It is called Half A Plan since both breweries were a little unprepared - AKA they brewed with what they had on hand at that particular moment. After all, it still is possible to brew a delicious brew with only Half A Plan...

Burnt red, blue, and silver were the colors chosen so that it was cohesive with the rest of the No. 10 anniversary branding but to also create a one of a kind label. Incorporating the chic ornamentation of the Bruz Beers brand, this label is a perfect collaboration between the two breweries, while celebrating Copper Kettle and industry friendships.

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Bruz Beers


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Graphic Design +



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Half A Plan Label Graphic Design