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Half A Plan
Copper Kettle Brewing Co. & Bruz Beers

Sometimes, you just can’t plan perfection. That was the case when Copper Kettle Brewing Company met up with Bruz Beers to create this collaboration brew for Copper Kettle’s 10th anniversary. With a half-baked idea and only the ingredients on hand in house that day, the partnership was magic. The outcome was aptly titled Half a Plan.


The traditional gift for a ten-year anniversary is tin or aluminum, but rather than let this 16 ounce can rock its birthday suit for anniversarial tradition, we amped up its natural shine with a fully metallic label that complements the visual style of both brands. Several nods to the number 10 were incorporated, including the stylized Roman numeral woven throughout the design.


The intricate linework and swashes inspired by the Bruz logo adorn the can and include nods to the Rocky Mountains, hops, and the Copper Kettle logo. The resulting combination of metallic sheen and storytelling linework catches your eye from the shelf and holds your attention as you kick back and enjoy.

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Bruz Beers


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Graphic Design +



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Half A Plan Label Graphic Design
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