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Complex Package Design  | Coffee Bag

Mushroom Coffee Bag
Heady Cup Coffee Roasters &
Bloom Shroomery

Heady Cup came to us wanting to collaborate with Bloom Shroomery, a local Illinois mushroom grower, for a custom and unique coffee roast. Each serving of coffee has loads of mushrooms infused into it for an added health benefit.


This dynamic coffee bag design fuses vibrancy with sophistication, creating a standout package that captivates the eye. The bag features an array of bold, colorful hues that immediately attract attention, complemented by shimmering metallic accents that lend a touch of elegance and luxury.


The focal point of the design is a series of meticulously hand-drawn mushrooms and other botanical elements. Designed to catch the eye and spark curiosity, this coffee bag tells a story of quality, creativity, and a deep connection to nature. Ideal for boutique coffee brands looking to make a bold statement on the shelf, this design ensures that the product stands out in a crowded marketplace, appealing to both coffee connoisseurs and design enthusiasts alike.

Client / 

Heady Cup Coffee Roasters

Role / 

Complex Package Design


Year / 


Norlo Design
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