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Label and Merchandise Design | Product Photography | Naming

Into The Woods Sour

Copper Kettle Brewing Co.
& Big Grove Brewery

This label comes about as a collaboration beer. Brewed in Colorado for Denver's Collaboration Festival between Copper Kettle and Big Grove Brewery (which was sadly canceled, thanks COVID). Regardless, Into the Woods made its debut and gained many fans across the country. Made with lactose, raspberry, and blackberry, this kettle sour is smooth and tart. Named 'Into the Woods' as a nod to the Colorado adventure as well as the tree grove that inspired Big Grove's own name. 

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"Something weird happened on the way to Colorado from Iowa. Some full-bodied midwestern lactose stumbled through a berry bramble and this perfect kettle sour was born. Raspberries and blackberries give a tart, fruity zing and lactose add ideal body to this delectable treat. From the fields of Iowa City to Denver’s Rocky Mountains, we know one thing: thirsty happens. When it does, support your local brewery, grab a can, and head into the woods."

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