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Complex Package Design  | Coffee Bags & Cans

Monkshood Coffee Bags & Coffee Cans
Heady Cup Coffee Roasters

Heady Cup wanted to add to their coffee lineup and they decided to do something fun; a cold brew blend and a matching iced coffee can! We made the bag and can design a little bit simpler than their core series, but still used the illustrative style and stippled texture to make for a cohesive yet unique design that works well with their core bags. The bag and can compliment each other by using the colored wavy lines and an illustrated flower. Monkshood is a poisonous flower that grows in the arctic, so we leaned into a cool color palette to match the beautiful purple and white hues of the flower.

Client / 

Heady Cup Coffee Roasters

Role / 

Complex Package Design


Year / 


Heady Cup Monkshood Coffee Bag Norlo Design
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