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"No. 10" Anniversary Special Edition Cans
Copper Kettle Brewing Co.

How do you tell a life story through a label? For Copper Kettle, their tenth anniversary celebration was the culmination of a decade of hard work, passion for the craft, and love for their people. This imperial cherry sour, simply named “No. 10”, is wrapped in the brewery’s life story. The statement Roman numeral packs a creative punch, serving as a vessel for elements of Copper Kettle’s history. Like the brewery itself, the design is grounded in the foothills of Colorado’s mountains and always reaching upward and outward with each new idea, flavor and glass raised high by beloved mug club members. 


The rich reds, pop of blue and understated line work nod to the flavors in this complex brew: bright cherry with warm tequila, blue agave and bourbon from its barrel aging. The illustration style on this label conveys the handcrafted care and intentionality that Copper Kettle built its brand and business on from the very beginning. “No. 10” is a celebration, a tribute, and a proclamation: Copper Kettle has poured its heart and craft into the community for ten years - and this is just the beginning. 


Cheers to ten years! 

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This No. 10 label is a Gold Crushie Award Winner within the category of "Best Can Design 16-20 oz" for the 2022 Craft Beer Marketing Awards​

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