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Label Design | Illustration

Mai Tai Golden Ale
Spice Trade Brewing Co.

Spice Trade came to us wanting something super fun and colorful to represent their 'Mai Tai' inspired beer! We decided to lean into the Tiki culture and illustrate something that really showcases the culture while also being inviting and unique. Large Tiki glasses flank either side of the label with loads of garnishes on top to add color and intrigue to the overall label. Lots of dark brown tones set the scene for a real Tiki style bar bursting with energy and charm. Traditional Tiki lanterns and Puffer Fish hang from the ceiling inviting you in for a good, relaxing time. Now all you have to do is kick your feet up and enjoy this delicious cocktail inspired brew!

Client / 

Spice Trade

Brewing Co.

Role / 

Graphic Design +



Year / 


Spice Trade_Mai Tai Label_Norlo Design_Small.jpg
Spice Trade Brewing Mai Tai Beer Label Graphic Design
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