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Complex Packaging Design | Custom Illustration

Coffee Bag Packaging Series
Zocalo Coffee Roasters

Zocalo Coffee came to us wanting an elevated look for their coffee beans that represented their hometown and their values - all while evoking a nostalgic and vintage feel. So, we did just that! We redesigned their series of six compostable 12 oz coffee bean bags. Each bag has a custom unique illustration and wordmark respective to that particular roast.

They all have a single ‘punched out’ element within their illustration where there is no ink printed and the tan color of the Kraft bag material shows through, helping to create multiple points of interest. We illustrated some California Poppies to grow up the side of each bag as a nod to the state of California where Zocalo Coffee has its storefront and roasting facility. Each roast has a differing color gradient featured while maintaining the same composition and layout throughout the series. 

Client / 

Zocalo Coffee



Role / 

Graphic Design +

Packaging +




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V1 Dark - Best Package Design-01.png
California Poppy Coffee Bag Illustration
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