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Craft Coffee Cans

Zocalo Coffee Roasters

Based out of San Leandro, California, Zocalo Coffee is a badass women-owned coffee shop and coffee roaster that prides itself on being the central gathering space in their community. Zocalo decided to make the leap and started canning their amazing cold coffee into 12 oz aluminum cans that will be sold in stores. Zocalo means 'town square' in Spanish so the new label needed to feel inviting and colorful. The hand-drawn orange California poppy flower draws your eye in and the diamond shape found throughout the label represents the fun and bright tile Zocalo has on their storefront. We rounded out this fun label with nods to the fact that they source intentionally to create positive impact and community within their coffee supply lines. 

Client / 

Zocalo Coffee


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Graphic Design +


Rebrand +



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California Poppy Coffee Bag Illustration
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